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Biodegradable Joint Tubes for the Environment

Our mission is to champion a ban on non-biodegradable joint tubes in every state, as these tubes contribute significantly to overflowing landfills and environmental degradation. We are convinced that endorsing the use of biodegradable joint tubes is pivotal to a greener tomorrow. Stand with us in our endeavor to preserve our planet by opting for biodegradable solutions for your smoking essentials. We urge you to join the movement to ban non-biodegradable tubes and select eco-conscious alternatives available in the market. 

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Ban on Non-Biodegradable Joint Tubes

(a) No individual, entity, distributor, or manufacturer shall produce, distribute, sell, or offer for sale non-biodegradable joint tubes within the state’s jurisdiction. For the purposes of this section, “non-biodegradable joint tubes” shall mean any tube designed to hold joints, cigarettes, or similar products that do not decompose into natural elements in a compost environment within a reasonable timeframe.

(b) Violation of this section may result in penalties as defined by state regulatory bodies, including but not limited to fines, sanctions, or prohibitions on future production or sale. 

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We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

At Biodegradable Tubes, our purpose is clear: to lead a revolution against non-biodegradable joint tubes. We envision a world where the beauty and health of our environment are not compromised by filling landfills with plastic. Our dedication is to work tirelessly, state by state, until non-biodegradable joint tubes are a relic of the past. Together, we can craft a sustainable legacy for future generations.